Re: How to launch empathy chat window

On 19/12/12 07:46, Stefano Ciancio wrote:
> is possible to launch an empathy chat window from an extension in gnome 3.6?

Yes, request a Telepathy text channel (and make Empathy be the preferred
Handler, if you want).

examples/client/python/ in the telepathy-glib source
tree is something similar, but in Python. The important bits are that it:

* gets an Account object from the AccountManager (in a Shell extension
  you'd presumably already have an Account you want to use - or you can
  list all accounts that exist by their DisplayName and let the user

* creates an AccountChannelRequest
  (in recent Telepathy this can be made simpler by creating it with
  AccountChannelRequest.new_text(), then calling
  set_target_contact() or set_target_id() on it)

* calls ensure_channel_async()

If you specifically want Empathy (and not some other Telepathy UI, like
kde-telepathy or Shell), you can pass
org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Client.Empathy.Chat as the preferred_handler
parameter to ensure_channel_async().

If you *really* want the chat to end up in Empathy, even if another
client like Shell itself is already dealing with a chat with that
contact, also call set_delegate_to_preferred_handler() on the


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