Re: slow display

Le dimanche 15 avril 2012 à 11:21 +0200, Pascal Obry a écrit :
> Milan,
> > But AFAICS this is not related to GNOME Shell at all... ;-)
> Well not sure. The patch is not mine (find it attached to this message).
> If you look at the code in cairo-xlib-display.c you'll find many
> conditionals to workaround limitations into X server version and drivers.
Well, I'm not the author of the patch either. ;-) My remark was just
based on the fact that you did not mention anything that may lead us to
think it's related to the Shell, and Cairo is used by many apps on the
desktop... except the Shell.

> Looks like this problem is present in the current combination in Debian
> sid. I've just built again latest libcairo with this patch and my
> slowness is over.
> I send this message as it may help others working around this slowness
> which makes the desktop quite "annoying".
Sure. But please report this to NVidia and Cairo developers, even if you
do not understand the patch. They will do what they feel is appropriate.


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