Re: Concerning the javascript code location and extensions

Le vendredi 02 septembre 2011 à 08:51 -0400, D.H. Bahr a écrit :
> Our current Windows-like desktop is a G2 transformed, with the panel
> in the bottom and a few other tweaks, so it is Windows-like, but it
> doesn't really look like Windows. The idea is not rewriting from
> scratch the new Windows-like environment, but to take most of the
> existing GShell js code, rearrange the components (this is moving the
> panel down and add the favourite apps and the messaging tray) and
> creating a StartMenu to resemble the Windows one.
This can be easily done with a small JS extension, if it doesn't already
exists. (Though, from a design POV, I really doubt moving the bar to the
bottom is a good idea, since you need to put the messaging bar somewhere

> So in order to keep the old environment we would need to keep G2 and
> G3 on the default system, and that would take just to much space for
> our Install CDs.
Probably not. gnome-panel+metacity (GNOME3 fallback mode) don't take up
much space since most of their dependencies are needed by GNOME3
anyways. You would only need to port your changes to gnome-panel 3,
which might be easy if you don't use too many deprecated internals.


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