windows stuck

Hi there,

I'm quite new to this mailinglist, but have been using Gnome for quite some time. I love the new Gnome 3 and had it on ubuntu 11.04 already, and now of course with 11.10 also. Currently I have 3 installations, with one on a MacBook (4.2?.. the white one). It works smooth, for one strange thing. I thought for a moment that it had to do with Skype, but I think it happened without also once. But, mostly I notice it when using a skype chat. Im just typing, and then suddenly, when I want to click another window, nothing happens. Also scrolling in the other window doesn't work. In some cases I can just keep on typing, which works, and the windows also get updated all the times. I also cant move the skype windows.. or close it.  Also going to the left upper corner doesnt do anything. Then I click on something in the skype screen, like the chat history dropdownlist, which does popup, and after that, I can move the screens again. I dont have this issue with the 2 other machines. The laptop runs on an intel chipset, I guess, while the other 2 have nvidia. Could it be something with QT and Intel? Any ideas?

With kind regards,

Peter Hagen

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