guess i am going to cancel this mailing list, as it seems it is not meant for users who want to give feedback. i gave gnome 3.2 a try, due to switching a faulty boot ssd... i knew that if i want to use it it wont be an easy task to get all the stuff running as i like it. as i wrote on this list ages ago that i need the alt key for all my major apps(3d stuff, rotating the camera) i never got a sufficient answer, so i was willing to try to fix this on my own. unfortunalety i did not get to this point because resizing all windows was very slow, resizing the nick list inside empathy also was slow. very anoying. what the idea is behind no minimize buttons in the title bar is beond me, everything is cluttering up the desktop... the online contacts thing could not connect to google... gnote closes all open notes if i end the main gnote app(the prog that lists my notes).

i am not complaining about the whole concept of gnome3. i really like the design, finally there is something to configure my wacom tablets, but that is not enough for a workstation. also this mailing list with all the approval stuff going on delaying emails... it feels like talking to a big cooperation which just wants to get me of their backs....

i will give g3 another try when the next version comes out...

side note, i installed fedora 16 + the nvidia drivers for opengl.

greetings, phil

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