Re: clutter assert at gnome-shell startup

Le dimanche 06 novembre 2011 à 12:17 +0100, Bastien Durel a écrit :
> Hello,
> I built gnome-shell 3.2 with jhbuild on Debian
> Compilation was successful
> When I try to run it with "jhbuild run gnome-shell --replace" I got this
> error (and gnome-shell exits leaving a core) :
> Window manager warning: Log level 8: gtk_style_context_add_provider:
> assertion `GTK_IS_STYLE_PROVIDER (provider)' failed
> **
> Clutter:ERROR:./x11/clutter-stage-x11.c:1155:clutter_x11_get_stage_window: assertion failed: (CLUTTER_IS_STAGE_X11 (impl))
Please file a bug with all the information you gave at

I think it would also be worth trying with an older Clutter. You can do
that by moving to ~/gnome-shell/Source/clutter, and using 'git checkout
$VERSION', VERSION being one of the versions you'll obtain by hitting
[Tab] twice.


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