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Gnome shell is easier to use when there is only one application in a workspace. However, at times we need to access related application easily. For example when I'm working on my thesis I will need a webbrowser, Latex editor and terminals easily accessible. I may also want to take a break during work and watch some videos or listen to music. One solution to this problem is to keep related applications in adjacent workspace. However, there exists following issues

I don't understand why you do not put related tasks in the same workspace. I think that the workspace has exactly the meaning of grouping related task.


1) Create workspace grouping: I should be able to group a workspace with a name. For example, I should be able to group webbrowser, latex editor and terminals into a single group called "work". So in case if webbrowser crash I can relaunch it into the "work" group.

it seems quite complex to manage a second dimension of workspace. How do you imagine the UI to manage this?

2) Allow rearranging workspaces. I should be able to move the workspaces by drag and drop and reorder it.

I agree. This capability could be useful.


I also agree on this last point, +1

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