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Hello Milan,

I'm having quite the same idea:

2011/5/11 Milan Oravec <moravec ukf sk>:
> 1. is there in gnome-shell any way to show all windows (running
> applications) from all workspaces at once similar to OS X Exposé or compiz
> scale windows picker? In activity overview are showed only running
> applications from one workspace.

I did like the all-Windows-Exposé of compiz and wanted to have it in
every window manager, but then I was running KDE 4.5 and got used to
their workspace overview:


At 2:08 the 4 workspace-overview is activated. It has all the windows
presented in a per-workspace exposé. It's just like all-windows-Exposé
 but additionally grouped by workspace. I think that is a real
enhancement to the normal Exposé. What do you think?

This new grouped-all-workspace-exposé somehow merges the three
overviews current-workspace-Exposé, all-windows-exposé and
workspace-switcher (that I had on three different hot corners before).
The gnome-shell overview is already a merge of App-Launcher, Taskbar
and (not that perfect) Exposé and workspace-switcher. I would like to
see the features of grouped-all-workspace-exposé somehow integrated
into gnome-shell.

To do so, I would suggest the following steps:

* Replace the grid-exposé by native-window-placement-exposé.
    => Already implemented and easily testable via the gnome-shell
extension attached to this bug:

* Make exposé inside workspace thumbnails available.

* Think about enlarging/rearranging workspace thumbnails to make
window picking easier.

Would that solve your problem sufficiently?


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