Re: Visualization ideas for starting applications

i believe this is a good idea! +1

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:23 PM, Florian Kuhnt <florian kuhnt gmx de> wrote:
> Hello guys!
> Inspired by "Starting an app on another workspace" I got some ideas.
> The following should be understood as design ideas without any idea of
> how to implement them.
> At the moment you can drag an application to a target workspace and
> then you have to wait until the application is loaded and the main
> window appears before you can do further adjustments to the
> application window's size and position. Introducing a dummy window
> could solve this and would bring some further improvements.
> These would be:
> * The dummy window (DW)
> As soon as the application icon is dropped a dummy window (DW)
> appears. It has window decorations, close button and maybe a large
> icon of the application as a place holder in the main area.
> * Visual feedback
> From initiating the application start until the actual application
> appears, there is highly visible feedback saying "this application
> window will soon appear here on this workspace". (Even better than the
> dummy task-button in the taskbar of other OSs. ;-))
> * Resizing
> The DW has the size the application had before closing. It can be
> resized and repositioned before the actual application is loaded. If
> the "old size" is not available a standard size will be used.
> * Abort loading
> The application loading could be aborted before the main window
> appears. Very useful when accidently starting a very large
> application.
> * Failing
> If the application fails to start, a message appears in the DW's main
> window. Maybe "retry", "console output" or other useful stuff can be
> offered.
> * Workspace handling
> If the application is dragged to the empty workspace the DW can set
> the workspace to be used and initiate creating a new empty workspace.
> What do you think about these ideas?
> Are there some drawbacks in a matter of design?
> Is there already some work/thinking going on into this direction?
> Any comments would be appreciated.
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