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At first I was going to suggest window.decorated, but it looks like any time the window features are recalculated, it will override it with mwm_decorated, which is still TRUE.

You're probably going to have to add something to mutter that says whether decorated was explicitly set... and then you only set decorated "automatically" if it wasn't explicitly set.

2011/5/8 Erick Pérez <erick red gmail com>

I don't know if this is the mutter list, but I do know that there's no
other so far, or at least I haven't found one. So I'm asking a mutter

How can I remove the window decorations from the mutter side ?
I said 'from the mutter side' cause I know that from the application
side I can use 'gtk_window_set_decorated(false)' or something like
that (even that only hints the window manager).
What I want is to tell mutter no to draw window decaorations on an
specific window ?

Did someone knows how to do that ?
Did someone knows how to do that from Gnome-Shell ?

I've manage so far the find out that might be accomplished using
'MetaFrame* meta_window_get_frame()' method of mutter, but that
function is not available from Gnome-Shell (I think the mutter
developers decide to hide it from the public API), so I don't know
well what to do.

Thxs in advance.


PS: BTW, I can find nothing about mutter other than the source code,
not a wiki page, not a project page, not nothing

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