Re: Key bindings with "Windows" key not working after GNOME 3

Had I searched for just one more couple of minutes, I would have found
this question at SuperUser:

I got my shortcuts to work doing what is described there (mapping Left
Win key to Meta under 'Region and Languages'); I believe that I didn't
need that in GNOME 2.

Regardless of that, would it be plausible to make the Win key do both
things -- work as a modifier and as a 'standalone' key, just like in MS
Windows (pressing the Win key alone opens up the Start menu, but the
Win key can also be used as a modifier for some actions)? Or does it
depend on something deeper, not just on GNOME Shell?

On 6 May 2011 22:45, Eduardo Dobay <edudobay gmail com> wrote:
> Today I updated to GNOME 3 with GNOME Shell, and after a while I noticed
> that some of my keybindings, made via xbindkeys, didn't work anymore --
> namely the key combinations that involved a Mod4 (the Super_L, or
> "Windows logo" key). In GNOME Shell, the Windows Logo key alone is bound
> to the "desktop overview" activity, and it seems that it is shadowing
> all the shortcuts that involve it as a modifier (for example, I use Mod4
> + Arrow keys for controlling my media player all the time, or Mod4 for
> launching Firefox). I also tried setting some of those launcher
> shortcuts in the 'Keyboard > Shortcuts' GNOME Control Center applet, but
> those weren't triggered either.
> In the fallback interface (that is, without the GNOME Shell) both kinds
> of shortcuts (GNOME shortcuts and xbindkeys shortcuts) work as they
> should. This is really annoying to me; has it been reported already? Is
> there a workaround, such as disabling the Windows key as a shortcut for
> the desktop overview (there are at least two other ways to do the same
> thing)?
> Cheers,
>  Eduardo

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