Re: What is the status of the screensaver in GNOME3?

Il giorno dom, 20/03/2011 alle 20.43 -0600, Robert Park ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering what the status of the screensaver is in GNOME3.
> When I lock the screen all I get is a black screen that says my name
> and the has the clock, and I kind of miss all the old screen hacks but
> I can't find any preferences dialog to configure this.
> Is this just "not implemented yet" or is it actually by design that
> there are no longer any screen hacks? I tried googling briefly but
> couldnt find any information in the design docs about this.

It is by design, and all code has been removed from gnome-screensaver in
commit 76d2c9ff6acf4a98bfa1569a62fafe14e89f413e (although in 2010 there
was a SummerOfCode project on Clutter screensavers).
There are plans to kill gnome-screensaver completely in gnome 3.2,
splitting its functionality around (some in gnome-shell, some in
gnome-session or gnome-settings-daemon), at which point it should become
possible to write a themed screensaver extension for gnome-shell.


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