Re: Gnome 3 fallback mode makes things easier

On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 04:07:45PM +0200, Daniele Guerrieri wrote:
> And so this is my main question:
> since Gnome3-fallback is 'Gnome2-like, why not simplify the life of
> those who liked the gnome2 model and would appreciate to have the
> benefits of new gnome3 infrastructure (it makes no sense to revert to
> gnome2.32, i think), by making gnome3-fallback more customizable like
> it was in gnome2? These changes wouldn't affect gnome3 design.

Because GNOME3 fallback uses GNOME 3 stuff. GNOME-control-center was
changed completely. So keyboard shortcuts are in a different location
now. There is no keyboard shortcut capplet anymore; it is integrated in
system info.

Perhaps more work can be done to make the experience better in fallback
mode. For that, please file bugs in the appropriate products (not just

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