Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

Hi James,

Il giorno gio, 23/06/2011 alle 04.35 -0400, Jasper St. Pierre ha
> The only browser-agnostic way to do this is
> to basically be a website.. that means running a simple HTTP daemon. 

The following might be really stupid and newbie questions, but I am
worried by having an unwanted HTTP daemon on my system so I'll fire them
anyway :)

Is the HTTP daemon optional? Saying it in another way, can I still
install extensions the old way and completely disable the HTTP service
and the one click installation platform?

Is the HTTP server a proper HTTP server, that means reachable by other
hosts on my network? Hope the answer is no :)

I am asking this because my University explicitly prohibits running
servers on our computers and I do not want to have troubles.

I'm worried by the case where the daemon cannot be disabled. Why should
I want an HTTP server on a desktop PC? I understand the benefits given
by the easiness of installing extensions with one click, but what if I
do not need them and prefer a server free machine? PLease make it
optional :)

I hope this mail doesn't seem rude, it is not intended.


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