GNOME 2.32 is still alive through Fedora's BlueBubble

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Subject: Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 17:12:31 +0100 (BST)
From: Dimitris M. <dimitrisfx yahoo gr>
Reply-To: Dimitris M. <dimitrisfx yahoo gr>
To: gnome-shell-list gnome org <gnome-shell-list gnome org>, awilliam whitemice org <awilliam whitemice org>

>>> That would leave the "activities" only with one view, the
>>> "applications" and think about it. It makes sense and maps much better
>>> to the Gnome 2 design.
>> Gnome 2 is dead, long live Gnome 3!  As a very skeptical Gnome 2 user I am totally sold on Gnome 3.  It is different, but different better; but u have to adapt your workflow.

>I really tried to yet it is still painful. As I said, software shouldn't be painful, should be intuitive.

In case this was not yet posted here, Gnome 2.32 is alive at:
Until the Shell is for everybody, we still have this option for those who love Fedora like me.


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