Searching for files

After looking at  it is my impression that I should be able to search for documents- but whenever I press the "Windows" key to bring up the Activities page and then enter a file that I know exists in my home folder hierarchy, I do not get an opportunity to open the file- the search field quickly goes through applications, and then... blank.

Should I see an icon that would represent the file? Have incorrectly configured things? I have the file manager open and can, of course, search from there- and if that's the way it should be done, so be it but I'm missing something here about the functionality if I should be able to search from Gnome Shell. Accidentally pressing enter after trying to search opens up Firefox to a Wikipedia search page .

Where is the global recent document list, please? Is it gone?

I'm running Fedora 15. if there's anything specific to the implementation of which anyone's aware?


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