Weekly Work Summary- Week 4

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 04

At the beginning of the week, there was much to do in terms of fixing up the code I had already written. Dan sent me the first code review of the project and there were a ton of tiny pumps and patches that I needed to fix to stay consistent with GNOME style and general clean code guidelines. Besides this clean-up I also finished all of the projects that I had assigned myself this week and even an unexpected assignment. The keyboard now has extended keys that can have the click-wait-drag-release functionality (this can be turned on at the moment by using gsettings 'enable-drag'), the floating keyboard is well on its way, and the message tray is shown properly by using a message tray icon in the overview and the “hot corner” in window view. I can't say that the floating keyboard is completely finished because I was unable to rebuild GNOME shell today after running into some colord problems along with autohell (Dan's solution didn't really help).

This week I again finished what I had planned as well as starting on the “floating” keyboard implementation. Most of the issues I had were from regenerating the keyboard during the “drag” process of the floating keyboard, but in the end I came up with a hack that seems to work pretty well. In addition, I also merged the current Caribou code with my project, so that the keyboard is now up-to-date with Eitan's latest work. There will be more changes in the near future because we are going to start implementing the positioning code next week that will move the floating keyboard to any input area that the user is typing in and hide it otherwise.

This means that next week I will be looking into finishing the “floating” keyboard implementation and the positioning code. I will also, hopefully, resolve the problems that I'm currently having with colord, so that I can have a working GNOME shell again. Other than that, I will again work with whatever little project Dan puts on my plate.

Some helpful advice for the week would be to use jhbuild -t <MODULE_NAME> when you don't want to rebuild all of the GNOME modules.

danw: go to the colord dir, and do "git checkout COLORD_0_1_9" and then "jhbuild buildone -nfac colord"

danw: and then you can use "jhbuild -fac -t gnome-settings-daemon"

This seemed to work in most cases.


Nohemi Fernandez

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