Re: desktop scrolling

Clive Wagenaar <clivewagenaar@...> writes:

> Hi
> Is there any chance that you could implement changing
> desktops/workspaces via scrolling with the mouse wheel on the desktop?
> This feature is available in gnome via compiz, natively in kde and xfce.
> For me, it is by far the fastest way to scroll/move from one desktop to
> the next.
> Thanks

Personally I think this fits under the extension category better because you 
want scrolling on the desktop (which I would love to have too) and Gianluca 
wants scrolling in the overview, so having them both packed with Gnome Shell by 
default would be a little weird.  Also about it confusing users, a user might be 
looking through the options and enable it and not know what it does then leave 
it enabled and wonder why their work spaces keep switching (unless it had a very 
good description and a little demonstration video type thing like what Mac 
has;).  Anyway I just think it would be better as an extension then built into 
the shell by default.

I also think Gnome Shell should have an extension manager to browse, add/remove, 
enable and disable extensions.  Right now the extensions don't really feel like 
they are "part" of Gnome Shell.  But that's a different topic ;)

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