Re: Trouble with the Oops! screen

"Jasper St. Pierre" <jstpierre mecheye net> writes:

Hi Jasper,

>> the "Oops! Something has gone wrong! [Logout]" screen appears much
>> too early, i.e., it appears also when the problem is rather without
>> consequences like some broken extension.
> Yes, there is a race condition between gnome-session (which displays
> the dialog) and gnome-shell. I think Colin Walters is working on it.

Thanks, that's good to hear.

>> For example, I've just tried to install the show-a-looking-glass button
>> extension and restarted the shell using "r" at the command prompt.
>> Somehow, that didn't work and that Oops screen popped up.
>> Unfortunately, I had lots of applications open, partly with unsaved
>> work.  Logging out as the Oops screen forces users to do would have
>> meant data loss.
> Alt+F4 will get rid of the dialog.

That's the default "Close window" shortcut, right?  Unfortunately, I've
disabled all shortcut using only the Alt modifier, because that's
reserved for emacs here.  Now, I've set it to Mod4+Alt+Backspace, which
seems to do the trick.  Basically, I'd like to have it Mod4+Backspace,
but somehow most shortcuts only work if Alt is included in them, too.


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