feature request: grouping two tiled windows

Using alt+tab and the activities overview makes sense to me. However, when I tile two windows next to each other, for example, evince and libreoffice writer, and I switch to firefox, I expect to be able to switch back to evince and libreoffice with a single activities toggle (used to be able to do this by minimizing firefox, but cannot anymore based on gnome-shell's defaults)

Right now I have to alt+tab to focus both of the windows to bring them to the front.

I was wondering if an extension some additional functionality could be developed to allow me to open the activities overview and drag a window on-top of another (grouping them), so that when I use overview, I can click on the group to bring both to the front. Other methods of grouping the windows together could work too, I just want to be able to group two windows together so they can both be brought into focus at the same time.

Lewis Chung

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