Location-aware GNOME Shell - weekly report 2


To keep it simple: I haven't produced a lot of work this week, first of
all because I have my ultimate project/presentation to prepare for
school. I also have a couple issues blocking progress (I rarely do my
school work anyway):

- Waiting for the outcome of the discussion "On the Interaction with the
design team" on the desktop-devel-list. It's an interesting thread,
especially for me who needs design input on the Shell and would favor a mailing list with archived discussion, even though I haven't tried IRC hard enough, and this because of the second issue:
- I have a very unreliable internet connection right now, which prevents
me from idling on IRC and also from trying API calls with geoclue-glib.

Regarding schedule, still on time, or just not late, turn it your way.

My plans for next week is to come up with my own design of a world
clock. Instead of waiting for the developers to magically come up with
the perfect design, we'll see if they can guide me and my mockups toward
an actual result, plus this way people can throw their rocks at me
instead of the Design Team© in case of disagreement, which is fair enough.

Everybody have a nice week, keep on rockin!

- Stéphane.

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