Re: Location-aware GNOME Shell - weekly report 1

Am 28.05.2011 09:35, schrieb Stéphane Maniaci:
> Web version with nothing fancier available at:
> 3A-Weekly-report-01
> Hello,
> Here's the first weekly report of my summer of code project: making the
> Shell location-aware with a multi-timezone clock and some weather candy
> later (didn't write to the shell list earlier).

Hello Stéphane,

I just discovered xplanetfx which renders a more or less real time
picture of the earth as seen from space as a very nice-looking gnome
wallpaper. Next, I read new mail from the list and your report catched
my eye again. As xplanetfx can center the rendered earth onto arbitrary
(on-earth :) ) coordinates, combining that with your code once it is
ready would be really cool!

Note: Of course one could do that with other gps libraries, but as
xplanetfx offers gnome integration by itself this would probably play
nice together. And its an alternative to just having clocks and weather :)


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