Re: Weekly Work Summary- Week 2

Le samedi 04 juin 2011 à 00:22 -0400, Jasper St. Pierre a écrit :

> Hi. I'm magcius.
> Here's how I discovered this:
> checks out jhbuild in ~/Source/jhbuild, but
> puts your gnome-shell checkoutroot/installroot in ~/gnome-shell/, so I
> usually change my .jhbuildrc-custom to be more appropriate.
> Unfortunately, I forgot to change one before I had started jhbuild, so
> I had ~/Source/gnome-shell/checkout and ~/gnome-shell/install. I mv'd
> the dir and ran 'jhbuild build -afc', and I started getting errors. I
> did 'grep -R ~/gnome-shell/ .' on the module I was having troube with,
> and I found the '.deps' folder. jhbuild's --clean flag only runs 'make
> clean', not 'make distclean', and that's why it didn't clean up after
> itself. Probably should fix that.
Is there a bug open for that? Sounds like a small fix that would be very
useful, instead of restarting from scratch after getting a headache
fighting build issues... ;-)


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