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Hello all,

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 02

This week I have dedicated my time to the keyboard generator and connections, since it is important to have the core of the keyboard working properly before designing the layout and integration. I have changed the vala code in Caribou to match the current technologies that are available for production. Since, the GJS arrays were not working properly this meant using lists. Additionally, I changed all my hard-coded values into dynamic structures by incorporating Caribou libraries in my code. I spent a good deal of time on the layering of the keyboard, so that with a button press the levels would switch (ie. from ABC to 123 mode). After finding out that there were some focus issues in the PopupMenu with regards to what the module was capable of giving me and what I needed, I used BoxPointer to create pop-ups for the extended keys.

Next week there is a lot planned for cleaning up the look and layout of the keyboard, as well as fixing up some small bugs in the code. A quick summary of some of which I plan to work on includes: positioning the keyboard properly on the GNOME stage, modifying pointers to fix the bugs in extended keys, and fix the “mysterious non-functional smiley” at the side of the keyboard. Since, this is a great workload for the week I will mostly concentrate on fixing the extended keys and any other keys that aren't currently working and try to do the positioning and layout if time permits.

Again I believe that my planning was accurate, and I will continue to work on the keyboard generator for the next few weeks.

A little trick I stumbled upon when opening #gnome one day comes from magcius who says that although “jhbuild -afc doesn't clear things like the .deps folder that libtoolize makes, git clean -fdx does”. For those who are having troubles with graphics as I have been this week, I think these two links will be very useful in your rebuilds and Although, I hope that it doesn't come down to that.

Hi. I'm magcius.

Here's how I discovered this: checks out jhbuild in ~/Source/jhbuild, but puts your gnome-shell checkoutroot/installroot in ~/gnome-shell/, so I usually change my .jhbuildrc-custom to be more appropriate. Unfortunately, I forgot to change one before I had started jhbuild, so I had ~/Source/gnome-shell/checkout and ~/gnome-shell/install. I mv'd the dir and ran 'jhbuild build -afc', and I started getting errors. I did 'grep -R ~/gnome-shell/ .' on the module I was having troube with, and I found the '.deps' folder. jhbuild's --clean flag only runs 'make clean', not 'make distclean', and that's why it didn't clean up after itself. Probably should fix that.

(Of course, the answer that the errors happened because of my directory munging only became visible at most one second after Colin Walters came to my desk to help me.)


Nohemi Fernandez (github: nohemi)

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