Re: Sensors Extension.

On Wed, 2011-06-01 at 03:21 +0100, Another Sillyname wrote:

> Thanks for the explanation Adam, I feel a bit like the girl who asked
> for a kiss and in response you started to take your pants off......

That's me, forever taking my pants off at the least provocation ;)

> I understand that the panel apps are usually third party, what I think
> would be helpful is if somewhere someone wrote a blog entry that fully
> explained that G3S is a framework, extensions supporting all the
> previous panel apps could appear in time.

Well, I hope I did that. Of course, I'm not on p.g.o, since I'm not
really part of GNOME, I just throw things from the sidelines.

> I've read threads where it's come across as multitasking/multi
> application environments will just not be supported and development
> thereof will be actively discouraged.

It's more about lack of distractions. But again, that's the vision of
the GNOME design team, and there's no law saying extensions have to
follow that vision...
Adam Williamson
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