Re: Gnome 3 is not ready for netbooks

what I personally don't understand is why are you complaining on the shell list instead of filing bugs against the apps that have windows too high to fit. how is the shell, or Gnome 3 for that matter, responsible for apps behaving badly?


On 14 Jul 2011 20:32, "Tomas Sironi" <sironitomas gmail com> wrote:

I've using gnome for a while now in my netbook. Its resolution is 1024x600. Those 600 pixels aren't enough for some fixed sized windows, so you have to move them using alt+click in order to see the what is in the bottom of the window. That is really uncomfortable. I know is not gnome's fault, but it should handle those windows (maybe removing the titlebar) in a way you can actually see them entirely.


Tomas  Sironi

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