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On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 15:52 -0600, Appi wrote:
> From the faq page: "
> Why no window list or dock?
> The Shell is designed in order to minimise distraction and interuption
> and to enable users to focus on the task at hand. A persistent window
> list or dock would interfere with this goal, serving as a constant
> temptation to switch focus. The separation of window switching
> functionality into the overview means that an effective solution to
> switching is provided when it is desired by the user, but that it is
> hidden from view when it is not necessary.
> The omission of a window list or dock also reduces the amount of
> screen space occupied by the Shell, and therefore makes it better
> suited to devices with smaller screens."
> The reasoning is sound, but the assumption that a task = a window is
> false. Tasks often rely on multiple windows, and gnome shell makes
> switching between the two more distracting, the opposite of its goal,
> by showing the user the state of his entire system when all that is
> needed is a button to switch to another window.

It largely depend on use case. For some people the ability of handling
more then 2 windows at the same time is strange and seems to avoid it.
Others needs to have more then 1 window (both group may be non power
users, although the second group have slightly more 'professional'

PS. If the premise is false the reasoning may be at most valid (i.e.
premise implies conclusion). Soundness = validity + true premise.

PPS. I believe that in many cases the above argument is valid but not

> Furthermore making the dash remain visible, but intellihide would
> solve the screen space issue.

I find the intellihide on bottom hard to cope with (that includes
current notification system). I sometimes want to press something at the
bottom and end up with clicking something else.


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