Re: The favourites bar

Hey Naheem,

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> I have been messing about with gnome-Shell Using Fedora Rawhide, and I
> like the overall experience and I can see how it can be used in daily
> usage.

Great to hear that!

> The main issue I have is that currently, opening a new application is
> a relatively long winded process - go to the overlay, then click
> applications and then click on the application you want. This just
> seems to be too long for commonly used applications (and even clicking
> the overlay and then getting the application is two clicks, one more
> than it would have been with the classical shell.)
> Are there any plans to allow the favourites bar to stay in place
> outside of the overlay? I personally think I would like such a thing.

No, not really. (There's an explanation of the reasoning for this on the
design FAQ [1].) It's likely that you'll be able to add that
functionality with an extension in a future release, however.

Best wishes,


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