Start a gnome-shell-extensions repository / module

In the past few months I've seen many useful extensions published on the
mailing list (docks, app lists, and recently an alt-tab replacer).
Unfortunately, publishing here means that very few users will be able to
use them, reducing they're usefulness and impact, as well as limiting
the customization power for GNOME Shell users.
Also, GNOME Shell is currently very unstable, both in API,
implementation and design, meaning that extensions written for 2.91.4
may not work with 2.91.5 or 2.91.6.

For these reasons, I'm proposing to open a new repository on GNOME Git,
called gnome-shell-extensions, collecting useful, or less so,
extensions, that would be characterized by clean code with reviews from
Shell developers (including porting after API breaks), thorough
translations and increased marketing (possibly with distribution
packages), while still allowing for UIs that don't agree with current

This module would not be part of gnome-desktop-core, or any other
moduleset, in this release, but would follow gnome release cycle

I hope that this proposal will be accepted, and at the same time I hope
it will help solving (or rather sidestepping) some design decisions that
are currently questioned a lot on the mailing list.


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