Re: Cannot start GNOME Shell (Solved! First Observations)

On Friday, 25 February, 2011 08:44 AM, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Allan E. Registos
<allan registos smpc steniel com ph> wrote:
Thanks for that, it works for now.
My First Observations:
1. No minimize button except for applications with customize window controls
like Google Chrome.
Going to use the standard "it's by design" response here:
Yes. The removing of minimize and maximize buttons could be the result of the standard "it's by design" principle. But it could be otherwise not according to the standard "it's by design." I can breath easily living without the minimize/maximize button by far.  It is a logical approach to remove the maximize button because the removing of the minimize button demands that we also need to remove the maximize button I think because if I have a focused maximized window, the only quick way to hide it is to minimize it.

I really think it is good for those controls to stay the same and that there must be some work-around to put those minimized windows somewhere, like at the left lower portion where you can hover the mouse like what we have with systray, then it will show the list of minimized windows. The overview mode I think must be updated so as not to show those hidden windows in order for us not to break the mental model of hiding windows, thus giving the minimize button a function on which the current GNOME Shell was lacking(main reason of removing the buttons?).


2. Inside a Virtual Machine such as in a VMware guest, I cannot access the
overview mode. (In a KDE desktop, the same effect can still be accessed)
There's probably a bug already on it, but I couldn't find it, so I'll
wait for someone else to link it.

I hope so.

3. The way to add a workspace is to drag the window down to which I think is
4. Grid view(if this term is correct) of workspaces is a very welcome
You mean like the old workspace selector, seen on the Tour[0] page
that desperately needs an update?
No. When I hover my mouse at the right corner, a dash-like bar will appear over viewing all the workspaces. Sorry, english is not my primary language. I have finished jhbuild only last night, so the one I am using is the latest version of GNOME Shell.
My suggestion is that I think we need not to press the left mouse button, it is too laborious. One only needs to hover over a workspace in the dash and then the screen should be updated of the list of windows that resides.


It was removed. I didn't like it because you couldn't see anything
with a single workspace with many windows, or many workspaces with a
few windows. My first contribution to the project was a feature in
2009 that would resize the window thumbnails with the mouse wheel as a
a bit of an easter egg. I don't use it though, because it's not
helpful in passively identifying windows.

Thanks for all the hard work!!!

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