Re: Cannot start GNOME Shell (Solved! First Observations)

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Allan E. Registos
<allan registos smpc steniel com ph> wrote:
> Thanks for that, it works for now.
> My First Observations:
> 1. No minimize button except for applications with customize window controls
> like Google Chrome.

Going to use the standard "it's by design" response here:

> 2. Inside a Virtual Machine such as in a VMware guest, I cannot access the
> overview mode. (In a KDE desktop, the same effect can still be accessed)

There's probably a bug already on it, but I couldn't find it, so I'll
wait for someone else to link it.

> 3. The way to add a workspace is to drag the window down to which I think is
> good.
> 4. Grid view(if this term is correct) of workspaces is a very welcome
> feature.

You mean like the old workspace selector, seen on the Tour[0] page
that desperately needs an update?


It was removed. I didn't like it because you couldn't see anything
with a single workspace with many windows, or many workspaces with a
few windows. My first contribution to the project was a feature in
2009 that would resize the window thumbnails with the mouse wheel as a
a bit of an easter egg. I don't use it though, because it's not
helpful in passively identifying windows.

> Thanks for all the hard work!!!
> Regards,
> Allan

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