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Le mardi 22 février 2011 à 19:21 -0500, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> Feedback?
> =========
> If people want to give their thoughts here, that's fine, but I don't think a mailing list debate is the best way to come to a decision, so the decision above should be considered basically final for the 3.0 release.
> The real form of feedback that we need going from GNOME 3.0 to 3.2 is careful observation of how users are using GNOME 3 - are they figuring out how to use the overview and workspaces and message tray as we expect them to use them, or are they doing cumbersome workarounds because we took away essential features.
> - Owen

This is just a personal analisys based what I have based on what I have
seen since 5 years.


The usage of maximize depends to the display size and resolution. If you
have a screen < 14",  you maximize the majority of windows and keep some
windows not maximize like Empathy IM, Gnome Terminal, etc. But If you
have a screen > 20", you maximize only one or two windows like Inkscape
or Anjuta but not maximize the majority of windows. You just adpat the
size of the window to this own content.

To summarize, more the screen is little, more you will maximize and vice
versa. And why you maximize? To see more content in a window. So I
wonder if it's not better to don't maximize beside the screen but beside
the window content (like in Mac OS X).

And about maximise to focus on work: That depends on people. Some will
mazimiser the window on which they work and some do not need it.

Minimize to panel

The use of this feature depends to the use of maximise. In Gnome 2 (or
in other OS), why people use minimize to panel? For hide the window. So
if the majority of windows are maximized, user don't need to minimize
the window to panel for hide it. But if the majority of windows are not
maximized, user really need to minimize the window to panel for hide it.

On Gnome Shell, we don't have a panel but we have a dash. So, I think we
can have a "Minimize to" or a simply "hide window" feature. If user hide
a window, it don't appears in the desktop and in the windows section on
Activites overview but only on the Dash.


Keep buttons would not be bad for the newcomers, they would not be lost.
Buttons "Hide" and "Close" are needed, but maximize button is just for
don't lost newcommers.

Gendre Sebastien <korbe romandie com>

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