Re: Generic question

Il giorno lun, 21/02/2011 alle 18.31 +0100, Thomas Bouffon ha scritto:
> - I have not tested yet the workspace collection scheme (still
> building), but from what I've read, it does not completely fit what
> I'm looking for.

I am not fond of it either. I've sent an email to the list hoping for
feedback, but got none up to today. Particularly, I can't get used to
the fact that empty workspaces are deleted and consequently applications
on the other workspaces are "shifted". As you might know, I am used to
have fixed workspaces for some applications, let's say Firefox on 1 and
Evolution on 2. I have shortcuts for moving between them. Now if I close
Firefox (or if it crashes), the first workspace gets deleted, end Evo
magically is on the "new" first workspace. It gets into my way, so I
have added a one line ugly hack to main.js that "preserves" the first
four workpsaces.

I am planning to keep adding that ugly line as a solution for the time
being (not that I like to patch every time gnome-shell), since I think
that my behaviour goes in the opposite direction of the design goals.

Please note that this is not criticism, I know that my needs might be
different from what others expect. I am not ranting about the Shell, on
the contrary I think it is a big step forward in user experience.


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