Generic question

Hi all,
The following is absolutely _not_ a criticism about the gnome-shell design, but more of a question of what I should do.
- I know that the gnome-shell Alt Tab is made on purpose, but in my particular situation It's _highly_ disruptive. So I wrote an extension to set the old style one again. Having done so implies several problems : the extension is not stable across gnome-shell versions, and moreover it's a U-turn compared to the general gnome-shell direction.
 - I have not tested yet the workspace collection scheme (still building), but from what I've read, it does not completely fit what I'm looking for.
 - As in my last e-mail, I generally lack a few minor things, which, added one to each other, waste my experience.

I know that the things I need are not the needs of an average user (by average I don't mean "of an average level" but "mean of the users distribution"), and therefore their lack is not a bug but a feature.
So what are my options ? Shall I go on writing extensions, which are opposite to the general decision ?


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