Re: Dash Favorite Icons and Running Applications

Le jeudi 10 février 2011 à 16:44 +0100, Alessandro Crismani a écrit :
> I have noticed that the Libre Office windows have a WM_CLASS of
> libreoffice-app (e.g. libreoffice-writer), as reported by Looking Glass.
> Conversely, their desktop files, as distributed by Arch, are named
> app.desktop (e.g. writer.desktop). In order to have a match I have to
> symlink the desktop file to libreoffice-app.desktop (again
> libreoffice-writer.desktop for my example).
Yeah, this should be fixed in Arch (Ubuntu did this a few releases ago
for example).

> Despite this workaround, the match fails when double clicking on a .doc
> file. Am I talking nonsense? I am not familiar with windows matching :)
I know there are weird behaviors when opening a new OpenOffice app when
another one was already started. E.g. here if I start Writer and then
Impress, both windows are still showing "OO.o Writer" as app. This
happens both when launching Impress via the overview or by opening a
slideshow. Is that what you also experience? Is the WM_CLASS correct on
the Impress window (in my example) with LibreOffice?


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