Re: Proposal for Workspace Labeling / Tagging

On 12/16/2011 04:40 PM, Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
Le jeudi 15 décembre 2011 à 01:19 -0500, Nanley Chery a écrit :
To solve these issues, I have written a proposal for manually labeled

As well as a proposal for automatically labeled (tagged) workspaces:
Saving and restoring workspaces is an interesting idea that was
discussed many times on this list, but it wouldn't currently work well
because of the state of session saving, and would require quite some

Labeling workspaces would be nice for people using static workspaces
(this existed with Metacity). But only dynamic ones are supported in the
design, so I think you should make workspace labels an extension, or add
it to the static workspaces extension if the author agrees. That's the
best way to make this feature available, and to try it.
I have noticed the previous discussions on saving and restoring the states of workspaces, and I do understand that the infrastructure to do that is not yet reliable. I may not have expressed it clearly, but for manual labeling, my idea was simply to save the workspace with its label and not the apps running within it. This would save users from relabeling a workspace they intend to reuse in the future (after closing all the apps within it or rebooting).

If we're set on dynamic workspaces , I've also proposed a solution for automatic labeling (tagging). This would automatically give a tag, or a string of tags to a workspace depending on what windows were opened within that workspace. This wouldn't require any change in the way we currently manage workspaces. I'm looking into extensions, but I think it'd be a good idea to have this feature by default.


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