Re: Proposal for Workspace Labeling / Tagging

Le jeudi 15 décembre 2011 à 01:19 -0500, Nanley Chery a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> I've been a longtime user of GNOME shell ever since its beta stages. 
> I've found the design and workflow natural and easy to use in all but 
> one aspect - working with multiple workspaces. Due of the small size of 
> the workspaces in the stack, and the lack of visuals in the 
> keyboard-based workspace switcher, the user inevitably loses time when 
> switching between workspaces. This lost time is spent inspecting each 
> workspace for a distinguishing visual cue to determine if they've found 
> the workspace they wanted to switch to.
> To solve these issues, I have written a proposal for manually labeled 
> workspaces:
> As well as a proposal for automatically labeled (tagged) workspaces:
> I would greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughts on these items!
Saving and restoring workspaces is an interesting idea that was
discussed many times on this list, but it wouldn't currently work well
because of the state of session saving, and would require quite some

Labeling workspaces would be nice for people using static workspaces
(this existed with Metacity). But only dynamic ones are supported in the
design, so I think you should make workspace labels an extension, or add
it to the static workspaces extension if the author agrees. That's the
best way to make this feature available, and to try it.

Good luck!

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