Re: Gnome 3 desktop issues

Yes, I'm using it on one of my vm's. However it isn't clear that this will be supported very far into the future so I don't want to get cornered into a spot where I don't have an acceptable upgrade path. Though thats where I am now isn't it, so maybe I should just do that for the time being...
I'll have a look at Mint first, thanks (list) for all the suggestions.

On 11-12-09 11:48 AM, Daniel Hernandez Bahr wrote:
Have you taken a look at the Gnome Fallback Mode?? It is esentially the
same as the old Gnome 2.
It bothers me that some people need to fork Gnome2 when there is the
Gnome Fallback Mode which provides the old functionality for those not
able(willing) to adapt to the new user experience proposal..

That being said...

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El vie, 09-12-2011 a las 10:58 -0700, Wendell Nichols escribió:
I've been using Linux in one form or another for almost 20 years to
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