GNOME Shell Pomodoro Extension 0.5 released

Pomodoro extension 0.5 for GNOME Shell 3.2.x is available for download at: (Arch Linux users)

About GNOME Shell Pomodoro extension
This extension provides a simple timer based on the Pomodoro time
management technique. You can read more on Pomodoro technique at

Current feature set includes:
    - Minimalistic/non-intrusive pomodoro timer (with countdown support)
    - Short/long pomodoro break functionality
    - Notifications via modal "take a pause" dialog or gnome-shell taskbar
    - Sound notification
    - Durations and notifications configurable via Shell UI or a json
config file

Timer and options:
Notifications dialog:

Thanks to all our users and contributors for patches, bugs and feature
requests; special thanks to Aman Bhatia and Kamil Prusko for their
work on user interface and notifications.

Please give it a try. We are tracking issues, feature requests in
Github ( Let us
know if you've any feedback.


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