Re: Named, persistent workspaces

My opinion is it is too much simplistic. And the he says, once the
user get used to the workspace life, is kinda tiring everyday, at open
your pc, rearrange, mail to workspace 1, browsing topic A to workspace
2, terminal to workspace 3, develop to workspace 4, and so on.
Everything you made on your daily uses on your pc get bugged by this
behaviour, true, simple ramdom tasks, so cool: new workspace, you're
done? the workspace remove itself, but man, imagine this:
You come up at 8:00
you took the trouble of place your windows, mail to 1, terminal to 2,
browser A to 3 browser B to 4, gimp on 5, ftp manager on 6.
Then you start working changing workspaces with one hand (using
Ctrl<FX> shortcuts)
Then at 14:00 you by mistake, close the terminal window on workspace 2.
After that, everything you have coded on your head since 8:00(mail at
Ctrl<F1>, browsers at Ctrl<F3,4> etc) is no longer like that, you're
screw cause if you try to reorganize, man I've ben there, that sucks.
> My personal opinion is that what you are proposing would detract from the
> simplicity of the new workspace system. So, what actual benefits would it
> bring to the table? That is, why would an advanced user want to plan his
> workspaces beforehand? How would it be better than doing it on the fly?
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Now as I said before, I do see the coolness of this new workspace
management system for random come one at a day tasks (the kind of: hey
pal send that video you have in taht obscure folder to me), but man
for everyday use, that can be a mess.
What I would want is that these behaviour (the new system) would be
configurable and that's all. Everybody happy. A switch in System
Preferences will make everybody happy, just like that


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