Re: My first impression of GNOME 3


> On the issue of settings. Whenever I click on a mail address, it invokes
> the evolution first time wizard now. Heck, I don't use evolution, I
> write my mails either in Thunderbird or in emacs thanks. There used to
> be a setting called "preferred applications". That one seems gone
> now. Not even the gnome-tweaks tool has it. Does anyone know where I can
> set things so that it sends mail *not* using evolution?

It's a bit hidden in "System Info" but you can still set this properly.

> One widget that I am not very fond of, is the ON/OFF slider. It has been copied from Apple's UI, I believe and it makes sense on capacitive touch screens, but on a desktop that I operate with a mouse, I find it awkward to have a widget that I have to click-grab move around and release again. Also when it is in one position and is only labeled "Off", does it mean that is it Off right now, or that I have to drag it to the off direction to actually turn it off? This was not always clear to me. I would have preferred a checkbox, which is essentially what this is. On a non-touchscreen, it just doesn't make sense to me.

Besides that you can just click it (no drag necessary) there is some
ongoing design decision about the use of the widget.

> Last but not least, whenever the "Authentication needed" dialog pops up, the password entry dialog is not focused initially, it requires a mouse click to do so. I believe this was different previously, and I actually preferred it that way.

Sounds like a bug (probably fixed already). You may want to check in


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