Feature/extension request for Gnome Shell

Hi! first of all I'd like to congratulate everyone involved in Gnome 3!

I've been using it on Fedora 15 for a few weeks now and I must say I
really like a lot the ideas.  I still disagree with some of the points
of view such as having the hidden power off option and removing the
minimize/maximize buttons, but I do understand that extensions are
available to change those behaviors so I will not discuss these.

My main problem with the current shell is that I've been a heavy
keyboard user for a long time now.  I started when I switched to
Openbox, which gave me amazing configuration options.  I set up
keyboard shortcuts for pretty much everything.. for moving, resizing,
tiling, and any other window managing activity as well as for opening
and closing applications.  Later I switched to Compiz, which also gave
me pretty heavy configuration options although not as extensive as

I like to set up my system to have a keyboard-only and a mouse-only
way to accomplish anything (except for typing of course..) and that is
where Gnome 3 is lacking in my experience.  I understand the reasoning
behind simplifying things for the regular user, but I do feel the
power users were partially ignored in some of the decisions.  I notice
that under the keyboard shortcuts in the settings there's the + and -
for adding or removing shortcuts but they don't seem to work.  I would
really like to see a way to create shortcuts for launching custom
applications and for tiling the windows on the halves of the screen.
Hope this can be achieved either by implementing the options in Gnome
or by creating an extension (which unfortunately I don't have the
ability to do).

Either way, I do love the new Gnome and I hope to see it grow and
mature!  Thanks again.

Diego Fernandez - 爱国

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