Re: Gnome shell Errors During jhbuild

El mié, 29-09-2010 a las 06:42 +0800, Allan E. Registos escribió:
> I have these errors while trying to build gnome-shell on Fedora
> 13(Phenom) according to the instructions here:
> 1.Error during phase build of gnome-desktop-3 ###### Error running make
> [18/23]

This is a known issue, caused by a major API break in GTK+. The module
is supposed to be fixed soon, for the impatient the rendering-cleanup
branch can be used to get a working gnome-desktop-3.

> 2. Error during phase configure of gnome-shell #######
> Error running ./ --prefix /home/username/gnome-shell/install
> --libdir '/home/username/gnome-shell/install/lib64 --disable-static
> --disable-gtk-doc

Without context this error message is not very helpful. In general, the
mailing list is not the best place to get help on build errors - the
#gnome-shell channel on is usually better suited.

> Any ideas? Earlier, i don't have a problem building gnome-shell in
> ubuntu lucid.

"Earlier" as in "before last weekend" - the build is broken for
everyone ;-)

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