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El jue, 16-09-2010 a las 12:49 +0200, Tor-björn Claesson escribió:
> One thing I think would help newbies like myself is a FAQ document
> similar to the one pygtk has
> ( I would be willing to help
> moderate such a document.

Could you also create that document, e.g. on (or, not
sure ...)? I think you will do a much better job asking questions than
us, and if you don't know the answer to some of them you can pester on
IRC so they get filled out.

> I have also been wondering about the best way to make an extension
> translateable.

I assume you are familiar with gettext basics. Extensions are "special"
in the sense that by default they will use gnome-shell's translation
domain (which is obviously not what you want) ...
The following should work:
const Gettext = imports.gettext;

Gettext.bindtextdomain("my-extension", extensionDir + "/locale");

let translated = Gettext.gettext("Hello world!");

(now don't ask me how to figure out extensionDir :-) )

-- Florian

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