Re: Possibility to show week number in the calendar

2010/10/27 Mads Villadsen <maxx krakoa dk>:
> The code to show weeknumbers is still there. However there is no GUI to
> enable it.
> You need to set the dconf key "show-weekdate" to true in the schema
> However as far as I know the dconf-editor
> isn't able to add keys yet.
> Hopefully someone else on this list can tell us how to set a dconf
> key :-)
I grabbed dconf-editor from F14's repo and found a tickbox which
enabled showing week numbers. My calendar now has week numbers and I'm
very pleased. :) Thank you.

> Regards.
> --
> Mads Villadsen <maxx krakoa dk>
Mvh / Kind regards
Torstein Adolf Winterseth

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