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I have installed gtk+ on Fedora host and still have the error. What I did is Reload configuration(option#5) then it works.

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On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Florian Müllner
<florian muellner gmail com> wrote:
> El mié, 06-10-2010 a las 14:09 +0300, Vassily Gavrilyak escribió:
>> The only solution I know is waiting for things to settle.
> This problem has already been fixed - GTK+ is only required by the
> (optional) dconf-editor, so it has been disabled in the moduleset. To
> update the moduleset, you can run "git pull -r" in the gnome-shell
> source tree.

Thanks for suggestion, I did git pull -r in
~/gnome-shell/source/gnome-shell/, git diff is silent there, but
jhbuild still fails for me in dconf with the same error:

checking which gtk+ version to compile against... 2.0
checking for gtk... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0
>= 2.21.8) were not met:

Requested 'gtk+-2.0 >= 2.21.8' but version of GTK+ is 2.20.1

Looks like I need to update GTK+ on host  (currently running Fedora
13) or maybe just start jhbuild build from scratch.

P.S. Florian, sorry for private posting,  pressed wrong button in
gmail accidentally.
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