Is there a way to change the Alt + Tab behaviour


I've been using the gnome-shell for quite some time. I really feel that the Alt + Tab behaviour of grouping together applications seems to be a pain at times.

Let me give you a basic usage case where I face this problem:

I have a terminal window, three GVIM windows, a web browser window and 4-5 other application windows open in the background.

Say I'm using one of the GVIM windows and my previous window was the terminal window, I need to hold Alt, then press Tab, then Shift + Tab, then ~ to navigate to one of my other GVIM windows. Arrow keys are an option but they still are the same. The same problem again occurs after going to the web browser window and back to one of the GVIM windows.

In the usual Alt+Tab behaviour navigating between any of the windows was quite easy - hold the Alt key and press the Tab key required number of times and I'm there.

I'm a developer who usually works using 10 - 15 GVIM windows at a time on an average case and I really feel this way of switching windows is a pain.

Of course I can use the Activities mode - but I then need to start using the mouse/touchpad for this.

Why should some behaviour like Alt+Tab which has been perfectly fine all these years be changed ? Is there an option to make gnome-shell provide the regular Alt+Tab behaviour without grouping together applications ? At least something like an extension would also suffice for now IMO.

If there is an option that would be provided to choose the behaviour of gnome-shell for window switching - that would be even great.



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