Re: Gnome-shell - some usability problems I found

On 07/09/2010 01:48 AM, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Dylan McCall<dylanmccall gmail com>  wrote:
On 7/8/10, Mark Curtis<merkinman hotmail com>  wrote:
I don't under... why the name of the appli... is listed at all.  Pretty much
every appli... name gets trunc... in the overv.... If the curre... setup
can't fit the name of the major... of the progr... even on a defau.... GNOME
install, then maybe somet... is wrong with the design

That sums it up for me. What bothers me here is that the overlay has
the entire screen - at least 1200 pixels wide - but all these little
widgets are trying their hardest to be as small as possible. Here the
application browser - The Reason why people click the Activities
button - squeezes into less space than an iPhone's home screen. The
remaining seven eights of the screen do nothing.
Except that the main focus of the Activities button is not application
/ places / documents, is the workspace overview, which in fact takes
up as much space as possible. This said, I agree with you that most
applications have their names truncated and can be recognized only
because you remember them and their icons: would it be enough to add a
tooltip showing the full application name (Name + GenericName)?

The design may be more interesting if there aren't a hundred apps to
switch between (one reason why iPhone's works), but that needs some
well defined philosophy changes first.
What do you propose? The menu, again? Or the list like recent docs
(which works for even less apps)?

A tool tip would be perfect. Or make it scroll like the app name does when you start an app.

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