No Context in Window Picker

Hello Owen, hello list..

There is still no context menu in Window Picker mode.
I think this is orthogonal to "there is no secondary click in Shell".
Would be nice to discuss the nature of the context widget(s) one could possibly display:

how about a widget that travels with your pointer focus, with about 2 seconds delay, since you don't want right-click already? What would one call this? dwell-hover?
Content related properties could then be displayed. also (menu items) like "edit information" or perhaps "archive!" could be housed here, modestly.

If too noisy upon sustained hover already, then perhaps invoke it upon SPACE_hold and fade it back out upon SPACE_release
Space is the most available key no matter what side of the keyboard your hand is currently resting on.

Accessiblity for left-hand mousers, too.

Alternatively i would assign a global context-panel via F9, also travelling with the place or object you are viewing..
A few GNOME applications already support F9 consistently as Context Panel shortcut.


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