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On 16 Jan 2010, at 04:39 PM, Shane Fagan <shanepatrickfagan ubuntu com> wrote:

On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 01:32 +0900, matsuo wrote:
(2010年01月17日 01:09), Shane Fagan wrote:
On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 01:07 +0900, matsuo wrote:

(2010年01月17日 00:04), Shane Fagan wrote:

On Sat, 2010-01-16 at 23:51 +0900, matsuo wrote:

hi i am new to gnome-shell mailing list

i recently saw a video about the new android OS and it has a cool
feature that ins't available in any desktop environment as far as i know.

it is called live wallpaper and it is really simple. the wallpaper of your desktop become interactive(if you click on a button in the desktop,
the wallpaper shows some form of effect.

here is a video showing live wallpaper

what do you think about implementing this in gnome shell

i would like to hear your feedback

Well you can use gifs or svgs with animation so it can be done already.

Shane Fagan

I know that it is possible, i wanted to hear about actually making
this a

default or something which can be done with a few click.

It can be done with a single click at the moment. You just have to have
an animated image and it is part of the default.


of course if you are a programmer and have experience, it will be easy, but if you are a newbie which i think a lot of ubuntu user are now, it
isn't that easy i think.

It shouldnt take too much programming, just detect the click event get x and y then do what you want with that info to the svg. I dont really see
the point in actually doing it but it wouldnt be too hard for anyone
(with a little googling).


I think that's what he's suggesting the developers should do. He's asking for a feature - it's not a feature if you have to code it yourself.

Personally, I'd be happy with a nice user driedly GUI front end for setting up xwinwrap to play certain videos or apps as my background, while also displaying icons, but I think Matsuo's idea is nice too. At the moment Gnome has, unless you're willing and able to devote a lot of technical expertise to changing it yourself, far less visual flare than other OS frotends, it'd be great to change that, not just to play catch up but to offer more and cooler effects than other OSes, without needing to be a technical wiz to enable it.


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